Our Services

Nypower Industries Ltd. will operate its business in a manner that actively seeks to prevent or minimize the possibility of its operations causing harm to people, plants or animals. We will strive to provide the material and resources to educate and involve every Distributor in achieving this objective.

It is our belief that aspiring to excellence in the management of safety, health and the environment are vital to ensuring the long-term future and profitability of the company.

Put Your Name Forward!

It is all about promoting your own name! Our company has a “private label” program for those that are willing to market their own brand of products. Nypower Industries Ltd. will aid in label design, packaging, and all sales aid materials. We work very closely with you to customize the products and your choice of packaging according to your specification.

Information about minimum purchasing and other requirements regarding the “private label” program can be obtained through our sales office at 403-995-2588.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.